Nature + Design

Nature is the architect - Auskin complements with design

We create sheepskin products designed with form, function and aesthetic in mind.

We maintain the integrity of the raw materials in the designing process. The natural properties of the sheepskin are upheld and enhanced. Full respect is shown to the most versatile natural fibre in the world.

Step 1: Capture the qualities of natural fibre

We carefully select the most suitable grade of leather to match the unique design and construction of each product.

Like a wine match, we partner age, strength, colour, grade and quality. Cheers to that…

Step 2: Uphold the individual character of each natural sheepskin

We are particular about enhancing what Mother Nature gave us to work with.

In our design process, we consider the best form to enhance the properties and characteristics of each individual skin.

For example, long soft woolskins are offered in near natural form as sheepskin rugs. Skins with shorter, soft but denser wool, best suit baby sheepskin. Skins with soft curly wool make perfect cushions or soft furnishings. Basically we select it from nature and just make it better.

Step 3: Design beyond aesthetic

We look beyond ‘the look’. We understand function, warmth, relaxation, comfort, context and contentment.

We consider all aspects of form beyond an aesthetic point of view; we look past function to understand connection in people’s everyday lives.

Sheepskin products just make life better.