Why Natural Fibre?

Why choose Auskin sheepskin products?

Auskin sheepskin products capture the best of what nature has to offer. We enhance these qualities, with love and care, in our design and production department. Choose Auskin.

Why natural sheepskin?

Auskin sheepskins are better by nature. Wool’s natural qualities outshine synthetic materials – it’s a fact.

Nature + Design

Auskin manages the relationship between nature and design with care. We uphold and enhance nature’s qualities in our products because sophisticated design is what nature intended..

Sheepskin FAQ

We could talk about Sheepskin all day. Here are some commonly asked questions, just in case you were wondering…

Care and storage

There are a few things you should know to keep your sheepskin beautiful. Auskin products are most certainly durable, but a little tender love and care will go a long way.