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Wanaka Living: Contemporary Design + Wool in its Pure Form

Live with natural textures in your home courtesy of Wanaka Living wool skin products and be connected with nature every day … Natural Wool in Natural Forms For Your Home

Wanaka Living’s range of natural wool skin products is inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the natural environment of a very special place… “Pure, rugged, uncomplicated, honest, mystical and inspiring.” Add an element of natural inspiration to your home with special design elements that will surprise and delight you.

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Wool Textures

Wanaka Living combines the sumptuous softness of natural curly wool and the luxuriant smoothness of cowhide suede. Woolskin options range from 8mm “short & curly” wool texture to 25mm “deep & curly” wool pile.


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Living Collection
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Wanaka Living’s natural curly wool and cowhide suede products come in subdued natural shades that reflect the colours of Wanaka and its stunning alpine surrounds.
White / Black / Matuki / Greywacke - click to view

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Based in the stunning natural environment that inspires them, the Wanaka living team is waiting to bring a little natural texture into your life. Visit their website to explore Wanaka Living style a little further or talk to your local Auskin team about what Wanaka living can offer your customers.