Benefits of sleeping on sheepskin

The benefits of sleeping on sheepskin

Australian & New Zealand sheepskins are ideal for bedding, ensuring a good night’s sleep at all times of the year and in all conditions.

Why is sleep so important?

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and health professionals recommend that adults get between seven to nine hours of sleep per day; yet the reason we sleep has long been a scientific mystery. What is clear from looking at sleep and sleep-like behaviours in different species is that sleep is a time of restoration and recovery. Sleep serves a variety of possible functions:

Energy Conservation

Sleep is a time when our bodies and brains are at rest. Less energy is required compared to when we are awake, which allows us to conserve energy.


Lack of activity during sleep makes us less vulnerable to injury.

Recovery & growth

Several important body functions occur during sleep such as the release of hormones, which are vital for growth and the optimal functioning of our organs.

Brain function & learning

The brain reorganizes itself during sleep, which appears to be important for learning and memory.

Is lack of sleep a problem?

One quarter of American adults say that their sleep problems have some effect on their daily lives.

One quarter of American adults don’t get the minimum amount of sleep that they say they need to be alert the next day.

Three quarters of American adults said they frequently experienced at least one symptom of a sleep problem in the past year.

New Sheepskin Underlay and Bedsheet Design Gallery

Sheepskin & sleeping

Auskin has added sheepskin underlays to our core range of lambskin and sheepskin products.  These are available in both shorn and unshorn sheepskin.

Why sheepskin?

Genuine natural sheepskin has a fibre density far in excess of artificially manufactured alternatives and naturally crimped fibres which cushion the body’s weight, distributing it evenly, and avoiding pressure areas that can cause discomfort. Warm and cosy in cold weather, wool also insulates in hot weather by absorbing body moisture (nature’s cooling system) and releasing it into the air.

Natural sheepskin fleece is held firmly into the leather by a specialist sheepskin tanning process. This enables it to withstand repeated laundering, offering comfort and support for longer than woven alternatives. Genuine leather and wool are naturally fire resistant, being difficult to ignite and slow to burn.

Long lasting & durable, sheepskin underlays provide years of comfort, support and soothing sleep.


The Auskin 10 year quality guarantee

10-yearsWe in the Auskin Group are passionate about the quality and beauty of the natural products that carry our name. We know that our customers have many options to select from and that we must ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality and from the finest of natural materials. Because we invest heavily to make sure that our products not only meet but exceed the highest standards of our customers we offer a 10 year guarantee of workmanship with all of our sheepskin underlays.

You can be sure that any product bearing the Auskin symbol of quality will provide years of enjoyment and that if you have any concerns, they will be answered by our experienced sales teams located around the world… see our contact page for details.