We use solar energy to heat up to 1,500,000 litres (approximately 400,000 gallons) per week.

We monitor the amount of energy we use and where we use it, to continually reduce the energy used per unit of production. We know minimising our energy use and reducing our carbon footprint is better for the environment.

We don’t just monitor and adjust our usage; we use environmental energy alternatives such as solar in an effort to decarbonize our production. We fine-tune work flow and production line tasks to reduce energy consumption. We reuse, recycle and redirect energy outputs back into the plant wherever possible.

Fast facts

  • Solar energy heats up to 1,500,000 litres (approximately 400,000 gallons) of water per week.
  • Heat is recycled from drying rooms to produce hot water and the resulting cold air is reused for air conditioning for employees.
  • Innovative installation of conveyers and equipment has reduced forklift use and our carbon footprint.
  • Water filtration system has been installed on the boiler chimney to reduce emissions into the environment and capture water to be treated and reused.
  • Our new overhead transport system saves energy by reducing space and time in the production process.

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