Chemical Reduction

Chemical Reduction

To achieve the Oekotex certification, our light to medium coloured long wool and short wool rugs undergo 100 tests for chemical and fastness properties.

Auskin sheepskins undergo a tanning process to preserve the natural qualities of the raw materials. We have developed efficiencies to reduce the use of chemicals within the process; this has resulted in achieving the Oekotex 100 standard for our light to medium coloured long and short wool products. This means that the user can be assured our products are robustly tested to a standard deemed safe to use against skin.

Fast facts

  • Salt is recovered from the curing process and recycled into the tanning process, resulting in a 95% reduction in salt purchased.
  • The introduction of enzyme technology has reduced the use of detergents and surfactants by 30%.
  • The reduction in detergents and surfactants reduces the chemical loading in the water treatment facility.
  • Reduction and recycling of chemicals has resulted in a decrease in water usage. Chemical savings attributed to recycling is approximately 15%.
  • Our light to medium coloured long and short wool products meet the Oeko-Tex 100 standard. The assessment applies 100 robust fastness properties and chemical tests to ensure products are free and safe from harmful substances and safe for contact with skin.
  • Our production process is virtually chrome free. This means the production process used for our core product range is completely chrome free. Where customers require high levels of durability or robustness, chrome may be called for, however our philosophy is to eliminate the use of chrome wherever possible.
  • Our long-term goal is that all Auskin woolskin products will carry the Oeko-Tex 100 certification.

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