Colour Swatches

Auskin Wool Skin Textures & Colours

We work hard to source wool skins that are optimal for your needs and work with our dye suppliers to create colours that reflect current colour trends.

Wool skins, offering a natural fibre and a natural fabric in wool and leather, come in an almost infinite range of grades offering a range of textures. We apply years of experience in identifying the best use of particular skins and offer them in a proven range of colours illustrated here.

We are always looking to expand our range of colours to reflect emerging trends and particular uses. Please talk to your local office about your specific colour requirements.

Please note: different screens/monitors are likely to display colours differently; represented colours are approximations only.

Longwool Colour Swatches

Long wool skins offer sumptuous soft comfort and natural warmth that you won’t be able to sink into without smiling at the sheer luxuriousness of its texture.

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Rouge Tints


Shearling / Short wool Colour Swatches

Shearling or short wool skins offer a denser and more robust natural comfort providing more support and opening up almost endless design options.

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Twin Face Colour Swatches

Combining durable dense wool and soft leather, our twin face wool skins are the perfect raw material for sheepskin footwear manufacturing.

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