Supplier Relationships

Auskin enjoys long-term, high-quality, sustainable sheepskin supply

Strong relationships secure high-quality, consistent raw material supply for Auskin

The procurement of the highest quality raw materials is the foundation for achieving the ultimate in high-quality sheepskin products.

Our suppliers

We source our sheepskin in Australia & New Zealand. The natural environment and growing conditions combined with some of the worlds most advanced sustainable farming practices and sheep breeds produce the best sheepskin raw material.

From farm to factory

Our sheepskin buyers work one-on-one with our suppliers to assess and select, with exceptional attention to detail, the highest quality skins. Feedback is immediate and effective. This process means we have intimate knowledge and detail about the raw materials we send to the factory.


A strong relationship is what links this chain together. Respect, commitment and a long-term approach, sit at the heart of these transactions and ensures that Auskin enjoys a stable supply of the highest quality raw material.