Sheepskin Factory

Auskin’s sheepskin factory and tannery

Auskin production transforms natural sheepskin into products that enhance wool’s natural qualities

The Great Wool in China

Our suppliers are from New Zealand and Australia where the best sheepskin in the world is produced. Strong, long-term relationships secure Auskin’s reliable supply of high-end raw material to our manufacturing stage in Asia.

Tanning technology and expertise

Tanning and manufacturing takes place at the Auskin Xuanhua facility, North West of Beijing. Here techniques are approached like a craft and recipes cared for like a secret. After 25 years experience in the industry, Auskin Technical Director Leroy Parker emphasizes, “Tanning the highest quality sheepskin is as much an art as it is a science.” The result is extremely high-quality, luxurious sheepskin products.

Production quality is key

Our Xuanhua sheepskin tannery and sewing facility upholds the reputation of the Auskin brands with superior finishing and first-class craftsmanship. The consistency of their output is ensured by a well-resourced Quality Department & a rigorous commitment to meet all international standards applicable to the categories of products that they sell.

In-line QC inspections are an integral part of all processes and our Quality Assurance Department carries out comprehensive incoming material checks and outgoing product sampling to the international Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) of 0 Critical Defects, 2.5 Major Defects & 4.0 Minor Defects. Records are kept of all inspections and inspection reports for specific export orders, including photos, can be requested through our sales offices at the time an order is placed.