Philosophy and Values

Building a sustainable business model for the benefit of all our stakeholders is important to us

It is the way we choose to do business that makes Auskin different

Business principles

Our business principles are fair by nature. We like to know our clients well and foster a sense of community and fairness within our folds. We care about people, hard work and honesty – integrity lies at the heart of all our actions. Traditional business principles lay the foundation for good honest business relations.


When we talk about sustainability, we are talking about much more than the environment. Every aspect of our business has longevity in mind. We consider all stakeholders within the Auskin process with a long-term focus: from our suppliers, to our customers, to our manufacturing practices and all our day-to-day business actions. At Auskin, all of our business principles have a long-term focus.

Design matters

At Auskin, good design is at the forefront of our thinking. Smart, innovative, design is at the core of what we do. It’s about taking what nature gave us, to create sheepskin products with form and function… and a little bit of flare thrown in for good measure. Combining stunning aesthetics with superior construction is important, because design is in our DNA.