Auskin People

Auskin unites local skills with global experience

Our multicultural structure means we are on the ground, right where, and when you need us.

Auskin Group’s strength is the combination of cultures, skills and people working for the company all over the world. This unique mix of people – the core team who remain unchanged in 22 years – has built Auskin into the global business it is today.

Experience matters

Our people bring you a wealth of experience in the sheepskin industry. They thoroughly understand every stage of the process that sees sheepskins from the southern hemisphere transform into high-quality sheepskin products in Asia for worldwide distribution. We know sheepskin like the back of our lambs.

Your market is our focus

While Auskin Group is a global company we have a local presence in all of our key markets. We employ local people who know and understand the unique requirements of your market.

We are here to talk

Talk to the team in your local sales office. Most of our people have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and are passionate about sheepskin and natural fibres. Interestingly enough it is our diversity that makes us alike, and, we are just a phone call away.